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March 16, 2016

In Mazatlan, they had quite the event honouring Eric Ruby on Thursday night, March 16th. The following text was translated from Spanish, but you'll get the idea. 250 people came out. Absolutely awesome.

There is a 30 second video that shows people walking in honour of Eric that was recorded just before the picture shown here was taken.  To view the video, click here


indignation, nonconformity and joined complaint around 250 cyclists to protest through a rolled up, by road accidents who use as transportation bicycleand recently claimed the life of a Canadian resident.

At 19:30 pm yesterday, dozens of cyclists began to gather in a bike shop located at the entrance to the Golden Zone, on the side of a fast-food restaurant, the call that was issued by Northwest and social networks He was the response of 15 organized groups of cyclists and individual cyclists in Mazatlan.

"Whoever heard is here, is a shot we do to demonstrate against accidents that have occurred in recent weeks and months in the city, not only in the Golden Zone, also many people who use the bike as a means of transportation to go to work every day, has suffered accidents, some fatal, "said Carlos Suarez cyclist.

Carlos Suarez, who is a member of the Municipal Club of Mountain Biking, said the protest aims to make Mazatlan a more friendly for cyclists, for pedestrians or for the person who does not require use private transport or car city.

"We want to attract attention, that on the bike is life, is a person, a parent, a student, someone's brother, the friend of someone, the husband of someone and also achieve draw attention to motorists you respect a little more, "he said.

Similarly he said the protest is against the authorities who require a project that has years being worked: the cycle paths, which remains elusive despite the Implam have identified the most complicated and controversial areas, however between failure resources and the will, everything has remained on paper.

Thus, at 20:00, the mazatlecos and foreign cyclists left the meeting point, and on foot, holding his bicycle, went all Camaron Sabalo Avenue to where the Canadian resident was fatally hit by a car the week pass.

The journey lasted more than an hour, and as a sign of mourning cyclists placed a white bicycle on a pole in memory of Canadian citizen who lost his life while carrying a bike, and as a wakeup call that was at that point where a person died because of recklessness.



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