Speaker Date Topic
Club Members Dec 18, 2018
Club History

This will be a year end meeting to review some history on our club and discussion of goals for the New Year.

Christine Robinson (plus the Student of the Month) Jan 08, 2019
Member Thumbnail and SOM Presentation

Our newest and youngest member, Christine Robinson, will give a thumbnail talk on her life and goals. We will also have the presentation to the Student of the Month for January.

Tina Siebert Jan 15, 2019
Bylaw Services

Tina is the Supervisor of the City of Penticton's Bylaw Services Department. She will outline the department's goals and current priorities, staffing, partnerships, complaint process, downtown issues, and liaison with youth. This will be an interesting and educational morning.

Lia McKinnon Jan 22, 2019
Okanagan Similkameen Stewartship

Lia is the Stewartship Biologist for the OSS Society. 

Lynn Allin (tentative) Feb 12, 2019
Downtown Penticton Association

Lynn is the Executive Director of the Downtown Penticton Association. She will educate us on the association's programs and their new 3 year strategic plan.

Jean Jacobsen Mar 05, 2019
Assistant Governor Visit and Student of the Month

Jean will do her 2nd AG visit. She will talk about District and RI programs, and answer questions. We will also have the Student of the Month presentation.