Jordis Hickie named October 2023 Student of the Month

Oct 15, 2023

At Rotary this week, Jordis Hickie was recognized as the 56th Student of the Month. Jordis is a Grade 11 student at Pen Hi and excels in academics, athletics and leadership activities. Jordis is a member of the Black Widow Jump Rope team where she has competed and set records provincially and nationally. We watched an amazing video of Jordis competing in Colorado Springs in July. Pres. Dennis presented Jordis with the SOM plaques to hang at Pen High, a personal plaque for Jordis to keep and gift certificates for Staples and Sport Chek. Jordis thanked her parents, teachers and coaches for helping her achieve her goals. Congratulations Jordis! You can read more about Jordis in the Penticton Herald.