Event Types

Youth Centre

Representatives of the Community foundation of the South Okanagan and the Penticton YES Project (Supporting Penticton's Youth) will give a presentation on their goal to finance a youth centre and will answer questions prior to our society considering a donation.

Dec 19, 2017

ECOmmunity Place

Michael Bezener is the Program Director of the En'owkin Centre's ECOmmunity Place. The ECOmmunity Place is a 100 hectare conservation site along Green Mountain Road. It is home to many red-listed plants and animals. It is the location of Meadowlark Festival's annual Cottonwoods Birding Tour, co-led by Michael and adopted by our Rotary Club. The meeting will also feature our Student of the Month for January

Jan 09, 2018

Penticton & Area Access Centre

Katrina is Executive Director of the Access Centre. The Centre helps to alleviate the effects of poverty through advocacy, awareness and action. Katrina helps connect people to the support, services and resources they need to move their lives forward. This includes legal advocacy, tax assistance, disability support, etc.

Jan 16, 2018

"Vocational Service"

Its Vocational Service Month so we will have several members discuss their businesses and services provided to the community.

Jan 23, 2018

The wine industry in the south Okanagan & Time Winery

 Harry is the man who put BC on the international wine map! In 1980 he founded the Sumac Ridge Winery. Since that time his accomplishments have been many, including the founding chair of the BC Wine Institute, founding chair of VQA Canada, founding chair of the Okanagan Wine Festival, recipient of the Order of BC and Diamond Jubilee Medal of Queen Elizabeth II, and was name by the City of Penticton as "One of the 20 most influential people of the Century". Harry's most recent project was the Time Winery in the old Penmar Building in Downtown Penticton.

Jan 30, 2018

"Fintry Queen" and Student of the Month presentation

We have scheduled Andy Schwab to discuss the Fintry Queen & his goal to relocate the ship to Penticton. The meeting will also feature our Student of the Month for February.

Feb 06, 2018

Presentation of an Unsung Citizen Award and club business discussions

Feb 13, 2018


Manisha will discuss the Okanagan Similkameen Neurological Society's functions and new projects.

Feb 20, 2018

Penticton Creek Strategy

Ian is the City of Penticton's Engineer. He has just finished working with consultants on an updated strategy for the Penticton Creek. This is a high profile project that should be of interest to all of us.

Feb 27, 2018

The Okanagan Watershed; also a Student of the month presentation.

The Okanagan watershed straddles the international border, requiring joint water management to meet the various needs for a clean, sustainable supply. This is done by the International Osoyoos Lake Board of Control (IOLBC). Anna is the Executive Director of the Okanagan Basin Water Board and sits on the IOLBC. She will outline issues and the new documentary "A River Film" which showcases the Okanagan Watershed, its people, the various competing needs for water, and how this is managed.

Mar 06, 2018

New Focus for Economic Development

Anthony Haddad is the Director of Development Services for the City of Penticton. Anthony has assisted a Task Force with the development of a new plan for economic development. He, and a member of the Task Force, will attend the March 13th meeting to outline the main focuses of the strategy.

Mar 13, 2018

Member Thumbnail Talk & Club Business

Mar 20, 2018

Rotary Literacy Project in Guatemala

Jean is traveling to Guatemala to participate in a Rotary funded literacy project. She also hopes to make contact with Guatemala Rotary Clubs for a possible future international project with our club. Jean will prepare photos and story about her trip and the project.

Mar 27, 2018
Apr 02, 2018 10:00 AM –
Apr 07, 2018 6:00 PM

Assistant Governor Message

This will be Cheryle's final report to our club as she is wrapping up her final year of a 3 year AG term.

Apr 03, 2018

April's Student of the Month presentation & Club Program Updates

Apr 10, 2018

Liquid Biopsies to Revolutionize Cancer Detection, Diagnosis & Treatment

Liquid biopsies are ultrasensitive blood tests that promise to revolutionize cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment. Mac Paterson has dedicated a lifetime of work in cancer research in Canada, Singapore and the Middle East. Mac is also a member of the Penticton Sunrise Rotary Club.

Apr 17, 2018

YES Project Building & Program Update

Ian will provide an update on and overview of the YES youth initiatives.

Apr 24, 2018

Hoodoo Adventures & the Student of the Month presentation

Lyndie Hill is the Manager of the Hoodoo Adventures Company of Penticton. Lyndie has a presentation on the company’s programs, corporate events, and clubs. We will also have our student of the month presentation.

May 01, 2018

Meadowlark Festival

Jayme has a presentation on the Meadowlark Festival. We are sponsoring a couple of the 2018 festival events.

May 08, 2018
May 12, 2018
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

JoeAnna’s House at KGH

This is a home-away-from-home for out-of-town families of patients in the Kelowna General Hospital. Could be of huge benefit to Penticton residents.

May 15, 2018

Member Thumbnail & Club Business

Rotarian Linda Ruby will give an overview of her life story. Directors will discuss club projects and business.

May 22, 2018

Youth Services Month

We are arranging several presentations on youth services and the student exchange, promoting Rotary International's theme for the month of May which is Youth Services.

May 29, 2018

Planning and Business

The club will be brainstorming important options for action in 2018-19. There will also be a review of current project status.

Jun 05, 2018

My Year in Canada

Dori will review her year in Canada and preparations for returning home to Hungary.

Jun 12, 2018

Installation of the 2018-2019 Club Executive

The installation will take place in the evening at the Linden Gardens in Kaleden. This is a great night shared with club members and spouses.

Jun 19, 2018