The Rotary Club of Penticton-Okanagan  (Rotary Club of Penticton Sunrise) adopted a section of the Kettle Valley Rail (KVR) Trail within the City of Penticton in the early 1990's.  Rotarians sold sponsorships to local citizens,  businesses and organizations and also used funds from volunteering at bingo games to pave the trail between Calgary Avenue and Vancouver Avenue.    Plaques were placed in 4 locations along the trail.   
In 2000, the club partnered with the City of Penticton and at the Little Joe Raymond Lookout,  placed a cow catcher and plaque overlooking Okanagan Lake on the KVR, approximately 0.5KM  north of Vancouver Avenue.  The Little Joe Raymond Train Wreck occurred in 1949 when the KVR passenger train plunged off the clay bank into Okanagan Lake.  The train's cow catcher was retrieved from Okanagan Lake and restored by Kenyon Construction Inc.
In 2012-2013, the club embarked on a project to build a Rotary Peace Park and recognize our Youth Exchange Students.   Club members weeded and cleaned garbage from the trail.   Partnering with Tree Canada TD Green Shoots, The City of Penticton and Penticton Secondary Leadership students,  Katsura trees were planted along the west side of the trail and Serviceberry trees on the east side of the trail between Edmonton Avenue and Jermyn Avenue.   Plaques were placed on wooden posts at the base of each tree with the name of inbound and outbound exchange students over the previous 5 years.  Students were encouraged to return to Penticton in the future to visit "their" tree.  
In 2017,  Parks Canada recognized the contributions of the club, along with organizations and citizens towards building the Great Trail.   The Penticton Okanagan Lake Pavilion in Okanagan Lake Park was build by Parks Canada and the Trans Canada Trail Association in 2017, for Canada's 150 year birthday.   The Great Trail is a network of trails across Canada and includes The Kettle Valley Rail Trail.  In 2021, the name was changed back to it's original name, "The Trans Canada Trail."
In 2017, also, the year of the Rotary Foundation 100th Anniversary, a project was undertaken to upgrade the plaques to concrete structures in order to recognize all students over the club's 27 year history in the Youth Exchange Program.    The club fundraised for this project through the annual book sale and car shows.
In 2020-2021, the club again partnered with the  City of Penticton and contributed funds to plant a Pollinator Garden at the site of the plaques.  Over the years, the club has regularly weeded and raked the area.    Several students have returned and enjoyed visiting their plaque at the Peace Park.